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In today's competitive business enviroment, failure is simply not an option. Equipment and personnel issues should never stand in the way of our customer receiving their shipment.

A custom tailored logistics contingency plan will ensure that 'unforseen circumstances' are never really unforseen.

For larger companies, we can stage onsite backup equipment and additional personnal at no additional cost.

Creative Solutions

Creative Solutions

What happens when the customer's needs do not align with the carrier's service offering?

Our transportation specialists will work on a comprehensive solution to fit the customer's requirements.

With decades of experience across a variety of industries, we are uniquely qualified to tailor a plan to the specific needs of your business.

Dedicated Approach

Dedicated Approach

We understand that consistency is a key component for success.

Often times the most frequent interactions between a vendor and its customer occur at the delivery point; in many ways, the driver becomes the face of the company.

With a dedicated logistics approach, we assign a consistent, professional driver who understands the particulars of your business and will contribute to building strong customer relations.

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Our Commitment

The Elite team believes that "Going Beyond the Common Carrier" means more than just picking up and/or delivering your items on time. For us it represents a High Level transportation service which results in a seamless and pleasant customer experience from start to finish- all at a highly competitive rate.

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